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Piazza Maggiore & Neptune fountain, BolognaThe 3 star Hotel Holiday could not be better situated for a holiday or a business visit to Bologna. Everything Bologna has to offer is on our doorstep – the medieval monuments, the churches and towers, the oldest university in Europe, and of course, the famous Bolognese culinary arts.

The largest city in Emilia-Romagna, Bologna is also regarded as one of the most politically progressive cities in Italy. Known as La Rossa due to its centuries-old red hued buildings, the term has taken on a double meaning from the latter part of the twentieth century due to its left leaning administration and academic influence.

The wonderfully preserved centre is a joy to explore under the cover of the many miles of porticoes. The famous two towers of Asinelli and Garisendi, dating back to the twelfth century, dominate the colourfully eccentric skyline, but there are many other buildings worthy of note. The Piazza Maggiore dates back to a similar time and the grandeur of its palazzo is awe-inspiring. Every corner you turn in the streets introduces you to a breathtaking piece of history – the famous Neptune Fountain, the fascinating Palazzo Communale and the large Giardini Margherita.

View of BolognaBologna is probably most famous for its place at the heart of Italian cuisine. The fare on offer at the many quality restaurants in Bologna is unrivalled throughout the country, from the eponymous sauce to hams, cheeses and delectable handmade pastas. Staff at the Hotel Holiday will be pleased to recommend a restaurant to suit your taste, near the Two Towers, University or elsewhere in Bologna.

There is much to offer the visitor in terms of entertainment in Bologna, aside from the many restaurants, bars and clubs. Bologna became a UNESCO City of Music in 2006 as a reward for the unique cultural status of the city in Italian culture, famed for embracing opera, Classical, jazz and popular music in sophisticated but relaxed environs.

With so much to explore, the visitor could be forgiven for walking past the many classy boutiques and markets in the city centre. However, the keen shopper need not worry, for many of the country’s leading fashion chains have outlets here, and there are a number of classy local fashion houses here too. Given the claims to fame of the city, namely cuisine and academia, it’s no surprise to find fine delicatessens, food stores and bookshops are in abundance too.

As just one of our many Services here at the Hotel Holiday, we will be happy to arrange tours outside Bologna for you, whether it be to the wine-growing areas of the Apennines, to Ravenna or Rimini.

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